The groupe (e)space was founded on the belief that a future where humanity is busy exploring the universe is a lot more exciting than a future without exploration. The groupe (e)space is in the process of developing the technology to make this dream a reality. But we can’t do it alone. Join our team and you can touch the stars.

Available positions:


Are you ready to design and oversee projects in aerospace, materials, computer programming or mechanics? groupe (e)space offers many jobs and is constantly evolving.

Aircraft Pilot

Do you spend all your time with your head in the clouds? Whether you’re already an aircraft pilot or not, the groupe (e)space is determined to train the next generation of outer space pilots.


From technical writer to composite materials or mechanical engineering technician, job possibilities are almost unlimited.

Specialized worker

Whether you specialize in mechanics, composite materials, tool and die, sheet metal or aircraft assembly, our doors are wide open.

Launch and testing

Every time we test a new spacecraft model, the launch is prepared and supported very closely by a team of experts that ensures the safety or our crew and investment.